Monday, February 4, 2008

a blog or a bore?

i know better, now, than to fight sleep. it comes when it wants, like the cats in my old backyard, to feed and be allowed to lie awhile. tonight, it's hesitant to show its face, i guess. instead, it's sent a few friends ... nagging thoughts, begging questions, useless tidbits of information ... emptying them out onto the page may help ...

1. the greatest super bowl moment ever? peyton manning jumping up and down with excitement for his brother. it was awesome!

2. why do people spend piles of money to dress like they're homeless?

3. if your state celebrates 'super tuesday' tomorrow, for goodness sakes, VOTE! (need a good reason? do your homework here.)

4. everything's better when you have a sister.

5. boys are stupid.

6. one month in and i have yet to break a new years resolution.

7. i can no longer say all my best friends live in texas. i now have some best friends here, too.

8. since when is 'speed 2: cruise control' the best thing on tv?

9. when did i get so old?

10. a female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate.

oh, what do you know. head's empty. did it help? sort of. i've bored myself to sleep.


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