Saturday, April 4, 2009

april fool

i am a fool for april. the sun heating the pavement, the breeze, the green arriving in little bits after a sudden thunderstorm...i adore the unpredictability of it all. everything shaking off winter in its own way.

as you were hustling about - packing lunches and holding hands, i spent the day in the details of the store and then joined michael and maria for dinner at disneyland. i have two new freckles as souvenirs.

today, i have been warmed by you in many different ways. and as the moon rises outside my window, for once, i hope you're not thinking of me. i hope you are belly up to the bar, your pal by your side, losing at pool and laughing loud and long ... or walking home, looking up at the stars and enjoing the crisp april air.

simple. peaceful. present. and perfect.

there will be plenty of time to think of me tomorrow.


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