Friday, April 20, 2007

good night, moon

tonight, the moon looks surprisingly unmoonlike. more like a round girl, sitting in the dark with her slip showing. or a jar of fireflies.

here at home, there is one star dangling beneath it and another hovering nearby - they have jumped overboard and are now swimming freely in the dark waters of the night.

i am told this ashen glow, this marvel of nature, is the blue shadow of the earth reflecting back and bathing the moon's backside in its soft, faint light. scientists call it 'earthshine;' poets: 'the old moon in the new moon's arms.' i shall call it 'mine.'

for this moon faced girl often sits in the dark with her slip showing...her little bits of light escaping into the spring night air. darkness and light all at once; the old self being cradled by the new.


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