Monday, April 30, 2007

lullaby and goodnight

the night is coming down around me - cool and quiet...clouds so low i can reach up and touch them and to walk down the driveway is to actually be inside the rain. as summer made an appearance early in the week, what constitutes 'winter' felt compelled to do the same - the seasons here are spoiled children, competing for affection.

i am sleepy. vaguely overwrought. listening to a love song. feeling like i'm in a tunnel and looking for the light at the end of it. my playlist for this dark and rainy monday:

silent love song - jason mraz
flake - jack johnson
my favorite year - dixie chicks
at this point in my life - tracy chapman
undiscovered - james morrison
waiting in vain - annie lennox
reasons why - nickel creek
signal fire - snow patrol
what a good boy - barenaked ladies
language or the kiss - indigo girls
a case of you - joni mitchell
halfway home - jason mraz
i do - jude
you didn't kiss me - marry me jane
my happiness - powderfinger
dirty little secret - sara mclachlan
landslide - smashing pumpkins
the boy is gone - jason mraz

this is one of those times when i'll let the music take over and my body, soft and weak, will be carried along by its waves. i think i'll sink into it and sleep for a good long while.

(at least i hope i'll sleep. i know better, now, than to bait sleep. it comes when it wants - like the stray cats in my backyard - to feed and be allowed to lie awhile.)

wherever you are, i hope there is music, and clouds to wish within, and peaceful, dream-filled sleep.


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