Saturday, May 19, 2007

little wonders vs. the miracles

my birthday is three days away. exactly. to the minute.

someone asked me what i would wish for on my birthday candles. it is an excellent question indeed.

right wish is to walk into a magical moment so pregnant with unforeseen possibility that i am caught entirely off guard. a moment where i am not in charge, where i am are neither the cause nor the effect. a moment where my lack of self-consciousness will open the door and whatever the moment requires will unfold easily without stress or contrivance, no ego or sense of self required. where i just might witness a miracle. happiness rising within, and spreading out into the world!

i would also like smaller hips, a video ipod and al gore for president. (look at that...still aiming for the miracle.)

i'll settle, though, for time with my family, kind words from friends far and near and an ice cream cone.

sometimes little wonders trump the miracles...and i like it that way.


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