Monday, May 7, 2007

now what?

spring doesn't stand a chance at the bottom of the lone star state. summer, like everyone else, is greedy here...grabbing at everything, with its heavy, humid hands. fogging up the windows and sending us back indoors.

i miss the spring. i need to live somewhere with more than one season...with more than one newspaper...more than one way of life. my horoscope agrees:

'you continue to experience evolutionary changes in your relationships and are redefining what you want. unfortunately, you may not have everything that you need, but you aren't willing to accept your dissatisfaction now. this presents you with a difficult set of circumstances. nevertheless, if you engage your passions head-on, even immovable obstacles cannot stand in your way.'

great. now what?

fourteen days left in my astrological hell and i'm still feeling like a snowglobe the universe shakes up every few days for its own amusement - to see where the flakes will land.

why else would the girl the golden vocabulary spend a day encumbered by numbers? finding myself in the midst of words and turning without them? all day, i've been pragmatic and intellectual - i'm ready for giddyness, ready to fall off the earth again.

my playlist for any fall off the earth...

rocketman - elton john
curbside prophet - jason mraz
falling for the first time - barenaked ladies
little bird - annie lennox
galaxy - jason mraz
chariot - gavin degraw
just like heaven - the cure
galileo - indigo girls
up on the roof - james taylor
rainbow connection - kermit the frog

tomorrow is my day off. maybe i'll run away for a day to the, sunglasses, the smell of coconut - and laughing at nothing. maybe i'll stick close to home, snuggle with the dog and cats and my words.

wherever you go tomorrow, may you see around a corner in a way that delights.


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