Tuesday, June 17, 2008


i am drunk ... with desire. with joy. with nyquil.

i don't know if it's an attack of hay fever, of spring fever or simply a good, old fashioned cold, with the attending rib-rattling cough, but i am feverish and can feel my pulse in my head. and my libido is in overdrive.

i thought sleep might give it pause, but the half-drowsy, half-aroused (or should i call it 'adrowsed') state, has only delivered the most delicious of thoughts ... and so i awake, flushed and freckled, to the sound of this ancient ceiling fan and to the idea of muscles moving beneath my hands and soup for two.

this rush of pure glandular energy will surely subside soon and in its place? ... clear breathing and peaceful dreams.

but what if it doesn't?


mel said...

hello, my friend. i didn't know you had so many posts already because your latest blogs would not register in my blog list.

i started missing your posts and that's when i accessed your blog - ta da - there they were, six posts in a row that i failed to note.

anyway i read all of them with gusto. and as always, i got that familiar tickle that i do every time i read your blog.

mel said...

by the way, i was touched by your story about your father. mine is different. how about reading my latest blog?

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