Monday, June 2, 2008

what i'm doing with my summer vacation

maybe i should go away for awhile. maybe i should go away somewhere safe; someplace where you can't be lured by my sweet smile or seduced by my vampire ways.

there should be room for me in the carnival side show, i think, sandwiched somewhere between the fat lady and the siamese twins. look for me there ... corralled in an iron birdcage, delicately scrolled bars separating me from the normalcy of the masses ... seated politely in a chair, beneath a tiny, hand painted sign that reads:

nice girl.
speaks well. smells good. smiles often.

freak show material if ever there was any.


mel said...

why not add "writes so well" in the label hung above you? that would complete the description eh?

but can we really put into words who we are? we are the most complicated animal on earth and i think no labels would ever be enough to describe us. we change every minute of the day. we evolve. we are not who we are today than we were a minute ago.

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