Saturday, June 21, 2008

a long day's journey into night

hello, she says softly, brightly.

today is the longest day of the year...summer solstice...the day we are as close to the sun as we'll ever be, and it brings with it a delicious and unexpected heat. i revel in it, bathe in it, let it swirl over me and into the pores of my skin. tomorrow, we can begin creeping toward winter. but for today, the sun shines high and hot and long, the birds sing loud and late and life is full of goodness and light.

i am certain i will smile in my sleep.


mel said...

yup, summer is here, the best time of the year when flowers are in full bloom, to go camping, biking, fishing, sleeping on the grass, gaze at the stars and the moon....let's savor it while it lasts.

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